Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sleep No More Soundtrack

Now updated with some additional items. I added as much as I could on my Sleep No More Rdio playlist but some tracks exist in the catalogue as unplayable, while others don’t exist at all (most notably one of the rave tracks, Reece by Ed Rush & Optical). However, most of these are purchasable in some form or another on the iTunes Music Store, except for the Mulholland Drive material.

The full list (including tracks that Rdio/iTunes doesn’t have):

Close Your Eyes - Al Bowlly
Guilty - Al Bowlly
Weep No More My Baby - Al Bowlly
Don’t Sit under the Apple Tree (With Anyone Else but Me) - The Andrews Sisters
Christopher Robin is Saying His Prayers - Anne Stephens
Mr. Roque/Betty’s Theme - Angelo Badalamenti [Mulholland Drive Soundtrack]
Diner - Angelo Badalamenti & David Lynch  [Mulholland Drive Soundtrack]
Dwarfland/Love Theme - Angelo Badalamenti & David Lynch  [Mulholland Drive Soundtrack]
Christopher Robin Is Saying His Prayers- Anne Stephens
Nightmare- Artie Shaw
Moonglow - Benny Goodman
Sandman - Benny Goodman and His Orchestra
Stardust - Benny Goodman and His Orchestra
Carlotta’s Portrait - Bernard Herrmann [Vertigo Soundtrack]
The Nightmare and Dawn - Bernard Herrmann  [Vertigo Soundtrack]
Prelude / Nightmare - Bernard Herrmann [Vertigo Soundtrack]
Scene D’Amour - Bernard Herrmann [Vertigo Soundtrack]
Temptation - Bernard Herrmann & Joel McNeely  [Psycho Soundtrack]
The Package - Bernard Herrmann & Joel McNeely  [Psycho Soundtrack]
The First Floor - Bernard Herrmann & Joel McNeely [Psycho Soundtrack]
The City - Bernard Herrmann, Joel McNeely & Royal Scottish National Orchestra [Psycho Soundtrack]
The Man Who Knew Too Much - Bernard Herrmann [The Man Who Knew Too Much Soundtrack]
Mute (Jokers of the Scene Remix) - The Brash 
Humanity - Brian Tyler & Klaus Badelt [Constantine Soundtrack]
Reece - Ed Rush & Optical
I’ll Never Smile Again Frank Sinatra - Tommy Dorsey and His Orchestra
A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square - Glenn Miller
Boulder Bluff - Glenn Miller and His Orchestra
Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead - Glenn Miller and His Orchestra
Moonlight Becomes You - Glenn Miller and His Orchestra & Skip Nelson
Moonlight Serenade - Glenn Miller Orchestra
Tuxedo Junction - Glenn Miller Orchestra
That Old Black Magic - Glenn Miller Orchestra
When the Swallows Come Back to Capistrano - Glenn Miller Orchestra
Weep No More My Baby - Jack Buchanan
Now That I’ve Found You - Jack Buchanan
I’ll Never Smile Again - The Ink Spots
I Don’t Want to Set the World on Fire - The Ink Spots
When the Swallows Come Back to Capistrano - The Ink Spots
It’s a Sin to Tell a Lie - The Ink Spots
Every Night About This Time - The Ink Spots
Blue Moon - Jo Stafford
The Diamond Revealed/End Credits - John Williams [Family Plot soundtrack, first 1:08]
St. Louis Blues - Marion Harris
Why Don’t You Do Right? - Peggy Lee
Hallelujah, I Love Him So! - Peggy Lee
Is That All There Is? - Peggy Lee
My Man - Peggy Lee
Good-night Children Everywhere - Vera Lynn


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